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Tips for Your Search


When you search for an apartment in St. John's, you should make sure that:

  • The apartment is close to campus or on a bus route. Taking a taxi across the city can get very expensive, so you will want a place that you can get to and from very easily.

  • You can afford to pay for the apartment and all associated bills. If you see "P.O.U." in the advertisement for the apartment, that means you will have to pay for your own utilities (heat and electricity). If you choose to rent an apartment for which you have to p.o.u., then you can call Newfoundland Power at 737-2802 to find out the previous average annual bill. (You will be asked to provide the street address or power metre number). Some power bills can be upwards of $300 a month, which is a big financial strain on students. You should try to find an apartment which has heat and light included so that you do not have to worry about paying these expensive bills.

  • The apartment is clean, and has no mold on walls or floors, no water leaks in the ceilings and no rust in the bathroom or kitchen sink (a sign of hard water and sometimes bad plumbing). You should turn on and off all light switches to check the electrical wiring, make sure water runs clean in the kitchen and in the bathroom sink and shower/tub, and that your toilet flushes. The landlord may give you a funny look when you check these things, but it is for your own good that you do so - you wouldn't want to get in a shower with brown water, would you?

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