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Subletting An Apartment


If the person who signed the original lease intends to vacate or leave the unit temporarily for a short period of time and expects to return to it afterwards (i.e. summer vacation) that person is more likley to sublet their room to someone else for the duration of their absence. It is important to remember that a sublease is for a short period of time.


Finding a subletter
This means that you will find someone else to fill your room and pay the rent for the duration of their stay. You should first check with your landlord and roommates before you decide to sublet, and then advertise your room or apartment: Include the amount they will need to pay in rent, if they will need to pay their own utilities (POU), or if they will be living with any roommates. You can advertise this information on any of the websites listed here.


Students must not pay for a sublease UNLESS they are only planning to stay for a short period of time.



    • The landlord doesn't have to agree to increase the subletter's extension.


    • If the subletter wants to file a complaint to the Rental Board he/she must do so through the person who signs the lease.


    • The tenant or the person who originally signed the lease should work out any arising issues with the subletter as the landlord should and will address any issues with the person whose signature is on the lease.


    • If the tenant is planning to sublet their apartment, they must notify the landlord, in writing, of the decision.


    • The original tenant, i.e. the person who signed the lease, is responsible for any damages or harm caused by the subletter to the unit.


    • A tenant also has the option of assigning their lease to a subletter to the unit.



If the tenant is unable to find a subletter, they are still responsible for paying the rent on the unit until the end of the lease.


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