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Once you see an advertisment for a place that you might want to rent it is vital that you make every effort to go and see a house before you make any commitment to rent it out. Look at the ad carefully and assess EVERTHING that is written.


below is an example of a rental advertisment:

  • Hamel street: immed. 3 bdrm house furn. Exc Cond. POU $990/month. Call 709 555 5555


Follow these steps when searching for accommodation:

    1. Inspect the advertisment carefully
      Make sure that the house is close to MUN or near a bus route. Look out for key words like POU Pay Own Utilities), whether rent is for all rooms or just one room, as well as the date of availability.


    1. Select at least 3 potential places for inspection
      Narrow down your search using the 3 main search criteria: Type, Location, and Cost.


    1. Make an appointment to see the landlord
      Always try to take a friend with you to view the property because they might be able to spot things that you would not have noticed.



Here is a list of questions you should ask when meeting the landlord or viewing the property, what to look for and how to do a viewing!!


A good way to check water pressure is to turn on the shower, turn on the taps in the sink and flush the toilet.


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