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What do I look for?


The most important things to look for when trying to fid a house/apartment are:

  • Type: What type of a rental unit is it?
  • Location: How far away from MUN is it?
  • Cost: How much will it cost?


In Canada you can rent accommodations in two ways. You could rent from a real estate investment company such as Northern Properties and Martek, or you could rent from landlords who may rent a part or the whole of their house. There are several types of rental units on offer and they vary in size and type.


A rental space in either a building, or in someone's house. These are ideal for people who do not want to share space with a roommate.


House (Detached):
This is a house that is not connected or attached to any other buildings. These rental units are ideal for a group of three or more.


House (Semi-Detached):
This is a house that is attached to another house. These types of houses can usually be seen downtown.


Rooms usually mean that they are bedrooms or living areas within another house. These are sometimes called a homestay.

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