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Rent and Paying Rent


Rent is the money you must pay in order to be able to lease the apartment or unit. The date at which it is to be paid will depend upon your rental agreement. If you are late in paying the rent, the landlord has the right to charge you a $5 "fee" plus $2 a day up to $75 (1 month) for not paying in time. A landlord can also reserve the right to take you to court for the late payment if it results in them being late on their mortgage payments and the tenant could risk being evicted (forced to leave the property). Therefore, it is advisable to pay, and pay on time!


The law states that rent cannot increase anytime between the 12 months from the date of your previous rent increase, OR 12 months AFTER the tenant moves in.


Note: the landlord may come to pickup the rent, but it is your responsibility to make sure you pay it on time.


It is vital you know that it is illegal for a landlord to demand a security deposit from a prospective tenant if you have not already agreed to rent the unit.


Once the lease has been agreed upon and signed you cannot deicde to back out on the agreement. If you do so you could be sued for breach of contract.


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