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Help and Safety


Where to go for Help & Questions
If you find yourself in a situation that you need help with, or if you cannot find the answer to one of your questions in this booklet, then please contact one of the following numbers:

    • International Student Advising Office
      864-8895 or Room 1000A, Corte Real.

      This is your ultimate resource for all questions about living in St. John's, where you will be able to talk to the Housing and Arrivals Program Coordinator or one of the other staff members in person. Office hours are 09:00 a.m - 01:00 p.m and 02:00 p.m - 05:00 p.m, Monday - Friday.


    • Safety
      St.john's is a relatively safe place to live but if you find yourself in a situation that is life threatening, dont hesitate to call the police. If you leave the campus late at night avoid walking home. Either take the bus or a cab or if you live within the required radius away from MUN SafeDrive is an option for you to look into. The SafeDrive bus leaves the base of the Clock Tower between 08:00 p.m and 12:00 midnight Monday to Thursday. Check out



General Safety Tips

    • Remeber to practice good personal safety habits.


    • Keep your doors and windows locked at all times. Do not lend your keys.


    • Engrave your identification number on valuable items. Bicycles too!


    • Immediately notify the landlord or leasing office if a mulfunction of safety devices or locks occurs.


    • Do not let solicitors or delivery persons into your residence.


    • Do not let repair staff into your residence without verification from the company, landlord or leasing office.


    • Have the landlord or leasing office re-key your door before moving in.


    • Never place hidden keys outside your residence.



Fire safety Tips

    • Call 911


    • If a fire breaks out, sound the alarm, get out and stay out. Leave your valuables. Do not try to fight the fire yourself. Leave the fire fighting to the professionals.


    • Know you fire escape routes in advance so you are prepared.


    • Don't overload electrical outlets. Don't sleep with candles lit.


    • Make sure your smoke detectors are functional. Test monthly. Install new batteries as needed, every six months when the time changes.


    • Respond to all alarm sounds in your building. It may not be a false alarm this time. In the case of heavy smoke, stay low to the ground until you can get out of the building and to safety.



List of Emergency Numbers

    • Emergency Number - 911 (only use this number for emergency situations: if someone puts you in danger, if you see someone is breaking into your house or someone else's house, etc.)


    • Police - 729-0950 (use this number for non-emergency police help)


    • Fire Department - 722-1234


    • Police Department - 729 -8000


    • Police Hearing Impaired TTY-TDD - 1-800-363-4334


    • Environmental Emergency - 722-2083


    • Poison Control - 722-1110


    • Health science Complex - 777-6300


    • Janeway Child Health Centre - 777-6300


    • Leonard A. Miller Centre - 777-6555


    • St. Clares Mercy Hospital - 777-5000


    • Waterford Hospital - 777-3300




Still have questions? Email our housing coordinator:

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