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Deciding to Live Off-Campus


Am I Ready to Live Off Campus?
Living off campus can be exciting and liberating, but it can also be a very challenging time if you are unprepared. Before you decide to leave residence/home life you must ask yourself if you are financially, legally and, most importantly, emotionally ready to move off campus.

These are some questions you must ask before you go on:

    • Can I afford to live off campus?
      The cost of an apartment in the city ranges from $300 to $450 per room. You need to keep in mind that you will not only be paying rent every month but you will also be paying other expenses such as heat, light, cable, and internet as well as food and transportation. You need to be able to pay for all of these expenses on time every month.


    • Where do I want to live?
      Location is very important. You need to find a place that suits your life-style and, most importantly, your budget. Homes closer to downtown will be slightly more expensive as will some homes closer to MUN.


    • Do I want to live alone or with a roommate?
      If you can, try to move in with someone you know so you won't be lonely and can even share expenses. If you are looking to rent a room in a house rather that an apartment by yourself, you must be prepared to be able to live together with other tenants you might not know.


    • What kind of place am I looking for?
      There are many different types of rental properties to choose from. These range from rooms to apratments to houses. Picking the right type of accommodation that best suits you and your budget is the best way to ensure that you get a great place to live at the right price.




Still have questions? Email our housing coordinator:

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