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Repairs and Damages


What you are responsible for:

    • If you break/damage something, you are responsible for fixing/repairing it. If you damage something in your residence, its repair cost may be deducted from your security/damage deposit.


    • If your guests damage/break any thing, it is your responsibility to repair it.


    • If you sublet your apartment or room and the subtenant damages/breaks anything, it is your responsibility to repair it.


    • If you are paying for your own heat you are required to keep the heat on. If the water pipes freeze because you did not turn on the heat you will be financially responsible for the damages.



Note: If you require any repairs to be made, make sure you put it in writting to your landlord.


If the landlord pays for the heat, they are required to keep the heat at room temperature. So don't be cold.


Your landlord is responsible for:

    • Any repairs needed due to wear and tear of appliances kitchen/washroom facilities, etc.


    • It's your landlord's responsibility to make sure your residence is fit for living conditions (have heat, electricity, water, etc).



Here are some examples of repairs your landlord would be responsible for:

    • Your washroom/kitchen has a leaky faucet.


    • Your washroom medicine cabinet's mirror falls and breaks due to a loose or rusty frame.


    • If the heater in your accommodation stops working and requires repairs, it is your landlord's responsibility to arrange some sort of alternative for heating.



Once the lease has been signed and the deposit has been paid it is your responsibility to have the landlord's contact details in writing.

If any repairs are required you must fill in a Notice to Effect Repairs form so the landlord can have the necessary repairs made.

The tenant must also fill in a Rental Premises Condition Report so that both the tenant and the landlord have evidence of the state of the rental unit both BEFORE and AFTER rental.


Make sure any issues or repairs necessary are dealt with before you sign a rental agreement in order to avoid any disputes that might arise later.


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