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Moving Out


Before You Move Out...

    • Clean your apartment. In order to get your damage deposit back, your apartment must be in the same condition as when you first rented the apartment. Clean any stains, vacuum the floor, wash all surfaces such as walls, heaters, refrigerator, appliances and stove/oven, and throw out any garbage. If your apartment is not clean, your landlord is legally entitled to charge you for the cost of cleaning.


    • Return your keys to your landlord, ask them to inspect your apartment and if the inspection is satisfactory, request your damage deposit back. Your landlord has 15 days after you leave to give you your damage deposit. The amount you receive back must be mutually agreed upon.


    • Notify your bank, the government, cable company, telephone company and anyone who sends you mail about your change of address.


    • Contact the power company (if you pay for your heat and light), the telephone company (if you have a telephone in your home), and the cable/internet company at least one day before you leave your apartment (or on a Friday if you are moving on the weekend) to disconnect these services. If you do not disconnect these services, you are responsible for paying the bills - even after you move out.



Giving Notice
If you pay your rent on a monthly basis and you have not signed a lease, you must give your landlord notice not less than one month before the end of a rental period where the residential premises are rented from month to month.


If you have signed a lease, you must stay until the lease is finished or find someone else to take over the lease from you (sublet). The landlord must approve this person. If you do not want to stay after the lease time is finished you must email your landlord or send your landlord a letter before the end date. The amount of time before the end date is written in your lease. It is usually two months.


The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador recommends that you use a Termination Notice to Landlord form. You can also get a copy at our office.


Useful information




The security/damage deposit BELONGS TO YOU. Even though you give it to the landlord it is still yours. You decide how much, if any, the landlord will keep when you move out.


Still have questions? Email our housing coordinator:

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