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Renting to international students
International students who have just arrived to Canada are mostly renting for the first time and may not be familiar with how things work.


Your international tenant may need some help and guidance with the following:

  • Cleaning: Explain to your tenants what their responsibilities are concerning cleaning. Let them know that they are responsible for cleaning their accommodation.

  • Cooking: Explain to tenants they will have to prepare their own food, unless you have an agreement to provide meals. Also explain to students about the smoke detector, fire alarm (warn them not to cover it during cooking, or smoking)

  • Access to premises: Explain to students that you have the right to access the premises (within reasonable hours) if you give a 24-hour notice in advance.

  • Repair and damage: Explain to students what damages and repairs they are responsible for.


Below are links to the Residential Tenancies Act:

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