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Students by Burton's Pond

Used Furniture Stores


Cashin Furniture and Appliances (Recommended)

Address: 61 Cashin Ave
Phone: 739-1919
(Delivery service available, $20 per Van load. They also help you to move. The cost of the service is around $30-$50, just go to the store and talk to them.)


Great Eastern Furniture and Appliances

Address: 3 Cashin Ave
Phone: 579-4142


Monty's Bargain Hut

Address: 48 Cashin Ave
Phone: 579-2327


Up Town Furniture and Oddities

Address: 68 Pearce Street
Phone: 739-4800


Big Jack's Used Furniture

Address: 144 Patrick
Phone: 738-2122
(Delivery service available, around $10-$20)


ABBA Furniture

Address: 572 Water
Phone: 687-1884


Value Village

Address: 161 Kenmount Rd
Phone: 726-5200