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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about living off-campus. If you have any questions and do not find your answer on our website, please contact the Housing and Arrivals Program Coordinator.



My landlord is trying to make me pay a fine for having my window open. Do I have to pay for it?

Lately, we have seen several cases where the landlord has fined a student for "having a window open" or "not following rules". YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY THESE FINES. If the landlord wants to make a claim to the provincial government, he or she can do so but there is nothing in the law that allows fining tenants. If the landlord keeps part of your security deposit to pay these fines, you can make a claim to the provincial government to have this money returned to you.

Please note that this does not apply if you are living with your landlord (i.e. sharing a kitchen and bathroom with your landlord).


My landlord showed up at my apartment and wanted to come in, without even warning me. Do I have to let them in?

If your landlord wants to come into your home, he or she must tell you 24 hours before the time he wants to come in. If he or she does not tell you before, you do not have to let him in if you do not want to. If you want to you can let him in.


I can't get my landlord to fix anything in my apartment. What can I do?

If you require any non-urgent repairs done follow these steps:

  • Submit a written request, signed and dated to your landlord.
  • If, after two weeks, the repairs are not done, submit another written repair request.
  • If the repairs are not done after submiting a written request twice, then request from landlord that you make the repairs yourself; he/she will pay for it. However, you need to the repair cost approved from the landlord in writting.

If the repairs you require are serious (for example: leaks, refrigerator that doesn't work) or unsafe (for example: windows that won't open, broken steps), you can submit a "Formal Request for Repairs" to the Residential Tenancies Division of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. They will give the landlord a reasonable amount of time to fix the repairs (1 or 2 weeks). If the repairs are not completed this gives you a legitimate reason to move out and break your lease.

The "Formal Request for Repairs" is available from the Housing and Arrivals Program Coordinator. You can pick up a copy at the ISA or request an emailed copy.



I'm going on a vacation this summer, is there anywhere I can store my things while I'm gone?

The university does not have any storage facilities to offer students unless you live in Burton's Pond or Paton College and are returning to live there in the Fall semester. Student Housing reminds you that storage is at your own risk and everything must be in labelled boxes.

Another option is to find a friend who is staying in St. John's and ask them to store your belongings.

The third option is a self-storage facility. Here are a few options to consider:



I don't like my landlord and i hate this house. I didn't sign a lease can i leave anytime?

If you want to leave you must give the landlord notice. If you decide to leave, the law states that you must give at least 1 rental month period's notice BEFORE you leave. So if you rent from month to month, you must give notice 1 month BEFORE the month you plan to leave. For example, if you your lease ends on August 31st and you decide on the 12th that you want to leave your house, you are required by law to pay the remaining rent until August 31st (i.e. 6 months rent) OR you can find someone else to sublet your apartment for you.


I live with my landlord in the same house. My lease is up but my landlord won't give me back my security/damage deposit. What should I do?

According to the Residential Tenancies Act, because you are living with your land lord, you would be considered as being a boarding tenant and will therefore forego the security deposit.


I've signed a lease for one year that includes utilities. Can my landlord raise the rent if heat/lighting costs go up?

No. Because you have signed a lease for 1 year, your landlord cannot raise the rent from you until the end of the rental period. That means for 12 months your landlord can only recieve the amount mentioned on the lease and no more.

Also, for month to month agreements, your landlord cannot raise the rent for 12 months, and he/she must give you 3 months notice to do this.


My landlord pays my heating costs, but in the winter times the heat is always turned down, in fact he keeps it on the same level all winter. What can I do?

Your landlord cannot restrict your use of heat in the winter. By law the heat should never be below 22 degrees Celcius or 72 degrees Fahrenheit.


Can my landlord take away my TV if I don't pay my rent?

No. Seizure of any of the tenant's property because of failure to pay rent is against the law. The landlord must, instead, seek legal help.


My roommate and I are both listed on the lease. If she/he decides to leave MUN before the end of the lease, will be responsible for his/her rent?

YES! Because both your names are on the same lease i.e. same paper; you are both liable for rent until the end of the lease.


My friends and I were washing my car by the sidewalk and I happened to have a beer in my hand. The police came over and gave me a ticket for public drinking, even though I was right outside my house. Is this right?

Yes. The sidewalks are considered part of the City of St. John's and are therefore considered public.


Will I be fined if I do not cover my garbage when I put it outside for pickup?

Yes. You could get fined up to $5000 for not covering your garbage. You can purchase a net or use an old blanket or sheet..


I've just moved in and I want to install a phone in my room/house. Do I need the landlord's permission before I go to the phone company?

Yes. The phone or cable company will ask you for a letter from the owner of the house/landlord giving them permission to make the necessery installations in the house.