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Apartment Costs
If you are interested in living near the University Area, it is more economical to share a house with a group of students. Apartments close to the university can range from $600 per month to almost $2000 per month, depending on the size and amenities of the apartment. The further you are from campus, the cheaper the rent, but your transportation costs will be higher. When deciding where you want to live, it is recommended that you take all costs into consideration, not just rental costs.


Paying For Your Heat
You might think that you can save money on your heat bill by turning down the thermostat (heat control), however, this can end up costing you more. Water pipes can easily freeze and burst during the winter months. This type of damage is your responsibility. Keep the thermostat at a reasonable level in ALL areas of the house/apartment even when you are out. Hint: 72 degrees Farenheit (22 degrees Celcius) is the accepted room temperature. If your landlord pays for the heat he/she is responsible for maintaining the room temperature at 72° F or 22° C. If the temperature in your home is lower, ask your landlord to turn it up.


During the winter, it is difficult to keep heating costs low. Here are a few suggestions from Newfoundland Light and Power:

  • In order to prevent cold air from entering your home, you should block any holes through which cold air can enter.

  • Plug holes and cracks in walls and windows with caulk. Caulk comes in a tube. Put it over the hole to block the cold air.

  • Cover the inside of your windows tightly with clear plastic.

  • Caulk or weather strip around doors and windows to seal out cold air. Weather stripping is made of rubber. You stick it on the bottom of your door to block the cold air.

  • Block the cold air around electric switches and outlets.

  • If you have a fireplace, close the flue damper when it's not in use. The use of a wood burning fireplace can actually draw heat out of the home - unless you have glass doors or an insert.


You can purchase the necessary tools at Canadian Tire or Walmart. Ask your landlord before you do anything. They may even do it for you.


Remember that the closer to MUN the rental unit is the more expensive it is likely to be. This is because homes closer to MUN are in higher demand.


Still have questions? Email our housing coordinator:

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