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Moving To A New Place


Don't forget to change you address!

When you move to a new place it is important that you contact all people and institutions that would have your address or need to contact you.


When you change your address you should notify the following:

    1. Parents or guardians


    1. Next of kin


    1. Emergency contacts


    1. Memorial University - Update your address in Memorial Self-Service or at


    1. Government of Canada


    1. Newfoundland Power - If you have an account with them


    1. Cable company


    1. Cell phone company


    1. MCP office - this can be done by phone or you can complete a change of address form and send it by mail


    1. You bank


    1. Your employer


    1. Your doctor


    1. Any magazine/newspaper subscriptions you have


    1. Insurance agents (home, car, life)


    1. Motor Vehicle Registration - if you own a vehicle and have a valid driver's license


  1. Anyone else you receive mail from


Canada Post also has a mail forward service


Still have questions? Email our housing coordinator:

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