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Renewing and Opting Into the Foreign Health Insurance

Your health insurance will automatically be renewed for each semester you are a registered student. 

This does not apply to students on a work term, dependents, post docs or visiting researchers. If you have dependents that require coverage, you are on a work term, or you are a post doc or visiting researcher, you will need to opt them/yourself in once every academic year, or in the case of work term students- once every semester you are on a work term. 

You can opt-in yourself or your dependents to the Foreign Health Insurance Plan by visiting the International Student Advising Office and completing an Opt-In form. It is recommended that this be done before May 24, 2016, 12pm NL, in order to avail of the full semesters worth of coverage. An opt in form is valid for one academic year (an academic year runs from September- August). This means you must complete a new opt in form every September should you choose to extend coverage to yourself or your dependents. If you opt in, payment for the Foreign Health Insurance must be made by cash or cheque at the ISA office (Corte Real 1000) if you do not have a Memorial University student number. 


  • Dependents, Post Doctoral Fellows or Visiting Researchers have the option of opting in to the Foreign Health Insurance plan from the ISA office, but it is not a requirement.
  • For international post docs, we have prepared this document which outlines your health insurance options.
  • Before you opt in, you should read through this website to understand the coverage you are purchasing. The Foreign Health Insurance costs $206.84 per semester (4 months).

If you have any questions about health insurance coverage, please do not hesitate to contact us.