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Opting out of or Transfering your insurance

You are eligible to opt out from our insurance plan if one of these statements applies to you:

  • I am studying outside of Canada in either my home country or the USA
  • I am sponsored by one of the following groups who provide me with insurance: USC, CIDA, CBIE, SWB, Canadian Commonwealth scholarship, or Saudi Arabia Cultural Bureau
  • I am a refugee claimant and covered under the Federal Government

Please note that health insurance plans from outside of Canada will not be accepted as alternate coverage.

In order to cancel your Foreign Health insurance you must complete an Opt Out Form and provide the necessary proof to the ISA before May 22, 2015 5pm NL. Once this form is submitted and approved, your opt out of the Foreign Health Insurance is valid for one academic year (from September- August), meaning it will expire the end of August, and you must complete a new opt out form every September that you are a registered student. 

You are eligible to cancel your Foreign Health Insurance and transfer your insurance to a student union plan if one of these statements applies to you:

  • I am a full time graduate student with MCP
  • I am a full time undergraduate or ESL student with MCP (MI students NOT eligible in SPRING)
  • I am a full time undergraduate Medical student with MCP (ONLY ELIGIBLE TO CANCEL IN FALL SEMESTER) 

Please note, there is a different process for students who are on a work term, who wish to transfer their insurance, scroll down for more information.

In order to transfer your insurance, you must complete an opt-out form and provide a copy of your MCP card to the ISA before May 22, 2015 5pm NL. To transfer insurances, you only need to complete this Opt Out Form one time. This means that for the remainder of your studies at Memorial your insurance coverage will be with the student union that serves you and you must abide by the regulations surrounding that coverage (Remember, this does not apply to students on a work term who have transfered their insurance). For information on the student union health insurance coverages, visit their websites or view this comparison chart:

Process for students on a Work Term who wish to transfer their insurance
As a work term student with MCP, you must follow a different process to transfer your foreign health insurance.

  1. You must visit the ISA and show your MCP card to get a letter confirming you are an completing a work term and you have MCP.
  2. You must bring that letter to the MUNSU office in UC-2000 to pay $146 for the health and dental coverage.
  3. You must bring a copy of your receipt from purchasing the MUNSU insurance to the ISA along with your MCP card, to cancel your Foreign Health Insurance. 

You must do all of this before May 22, 2015 5pm NL. The opt out is only valid for one academic year (September to August). This means that you must complete this process every September that you are a registered student.


  • Make sure you have completed the correct opt out form. Both MUNSU and the GSU have opt out forms for their health and dental insurance, but if you are an international student, you must complete an opt out form for Foreign Health (completing a MUNSU or GSU form will not opt you out of the Foreign Health insurance).
  • If you are an international graduate student, you might also wish to opt out of the GSU dental plan. For information on this, visit their website,