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Child Care

The Childcare Centre at Memorial University offers on-campus child care in four program areas:

  • Toddler Centre (age 2)
  • Full-time pre-school (ages 3 - 6)
  • Part-time (ages 3 - 6)
  • Activity Centre for school-aged children (ages 5 - 12)

You should register your child as soon as you arrive at Memorial University as waitlist times can vary with each program. For more information, visit the Memorial University Childcare website.

Other Childcare Options

There are many other daycare facilities in St. John's. Typically, a daycare centre can charge between $30-$60 per day, depending on your child's age and type of care required. Most daycares do not care for children under the age of 2 so check age requirements. It is recommended that you research several daycare centres to compare fees.

You can search for other daycares in the Yellow Pages of the phone book under Childcare services. You can search for Pre-schools under Schools-Academic-Nursery & Kindergarten.

Licensed childcare service providers must meet certain standards for staff training, facilities and programs. For more information about the provincial standards and helpful tips on how to find childcare, visit the Provincial Government of NL website on childcare services.