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Social Insurance Number

How to apply for SIN

International students need to take your study permits to apply for the SIN number. Details can be found here.  

A study permit issued by CIC is acceptable only when it indicates that the permit holder “may accept employment” or “may work” in Canada. If neither of these statements is on the study permit, the international students will need to contact CIC to obtain an official “confirmation to work” letter at, or you must have proof of on-campus employment. 

Generally, to apply for a SIN to work off campus and/or on campus, a student must:

  1. Have a valid study permit
  2. Have a confirmation of employment on campus and a letter of full-time enrolment from the institution

A student who has either “may accept employment” or “may work” statement on the study permit must:

  1. Have a valid study permit
  2. Have a "confirmation to work off campus letter" issued by CIC.