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Social Insurance Number

A Social Insurance Number (SIN) is a nine-digit number issued by the Government of Canada that individuals require in order to get paid. 

Your SIN will start with the number '9' and will be valid until the end of your authorized stay in Canada, that is, until your Study Permit expires. So when you renew your immigration documents, be sure to renew your Social Insurance Number! 

You are eligible for a SIN card:

  • if you have a Work Permit issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) or

  • if you have a Study Permit issued by CIC and a contract of employment from Memorial/employer on campus. (this contract must show the start and end date of employment and these dates must fall within the study permit dates).

In order to apply you must bring with you:

  • a completed application form

  • your Work Permit or contract of employment (visit the Service Canada Website for information on what the contract should include) NOTE: the contract must be printed on the letterhead of the department

  • an original of a primary document that proves your identity and status in Canada (your study permit for example). You must provide a supporting document if the name on your primary document is different from the one you are currently using. Original documents should be written in English or French.

  • Application forms are available at the local Service Canada office or the International Student Advising office.

Where do you drop off your application?

Take Metrobus Route 2; the stop is across the street from the Arts Building on Elizabeth Avenue. Route 2 - "Virginia Park to Village - Direction: Pleasantville". This bus will take you to Charter Avenue where you have to walk about 2mins to Service Canada: #223 Churchill Avenue.

Please refer to the Service Canada website for specific details on how to apply for a SIN. 

What if my SIN expires because I have to renew my Study Permit?

You should renew your study permit before it expires. if your documents expire after you have submitted your application for extension you will be considered in status as a temporary resident, known as Implied Status.

"Implied Status" allows international students and workers to stay in Canada and continue to work or study if their current work or study permit expires while their application for a permit extension is being processed. This is recognized by Service Canada allowing the student or worker to also continue to be paid while they wait for their new study or work permit to be issued.

This means that employers can keep international students and graduates in their workforce during this period and keep them on the payroll.