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PSDP Fall 2012 Program/Workshop Components (subject to change)


There are 8 weekly in-class sessions, 1 volunteering experience and 2 networking sessions. Students must attend all to get their Certificate of Completion.



  • Session 1: Introduction of facilitators. What is the Professional Skills Development Program for international students? What resources can help me on campus?

  • Session 2: What skills can I offer an employer as an international student?

  • Session 3: How do I write an effective resume and cover letter. Submitting revised cover letter and resume (required component)

    Volunteer Opportunity/Getting familiar with my community (required component & continues through the winter semester)

  • Session 4: Understanding the Canadian job search process

    Networking event # 1 & #2 (required components)

  • Session 5: How are Canadian interviews different than international interviews and tips on having a successful interview? Completing a mock interview (required component)

  • Session 6: Social media, e-portfolio's and co-curricular record

  • Session 7: Intercultural communication and the job search in Canada (Understanding Canadian employment culture and workplace etiquette).

  • Session 8: Workplace Etiquette. Final wrap up of sessions and discussion.

  • Closing Ceremony, November 28th!!!!