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PSDP Spring/Summer 2011 Participant Reviews


See what the students who completed the PSDP in Spring'11 have to say:

  • PhD student in Mechanical engineer from India: I went to farmers market. It was a very nice experience to meet other volunteers, talk to like minded people and having a hand-on experience, for networking opportunities I went to the NOIA and met some perspective employers there.

  • Undergrad student in Business Admin from Nigeria: Met many people in my field who have graduated successfully. It was very interesting as I became more aware of the opportunities and resources available to students.

  • Masters student in Oil and Gas from China: I went to the Petroleum show, it's very helpful for me to know the labor market of my major area in Canada

  • Masters student in Enviro Science from Colombia: I hadn't really understood how important networking was until I took this program. In few weeks I've met lots of contacts(people/organizations) I know will be key for my near future and professional development

  • Undergrad student in Business Admin from China: PSDP course help us to transfer the academic knowledge into the practice

  • Undergrad student in Technology from China: Networking enable me know a lot of programs I can attend that will improve my professional skills. Also, I like meet with people who gives me lots of suggestions.

  • Undergrad student in German/Communication from Italy: I did participate at ICTM conference, nickel film festival and Harris centre presentation.

  • PhD student in Food Science from China: Networking is an excellent component. Hope it will attract more employers with broader subjects

  • Masters student in Engineering Management from China: Through the networking for this term I've learned much useful information, but it didn't help with communication skills. I think activities like mock interview are more helpful.

  • Masters student in Anthropology from Bangladesh: It was a nice experience, but I wish it could have been longer

  • PhD student in Medicine from Iran: I think there were quite a lot of volunteering opportunities to choose from, but networking opportunities to match everyone's academic background were not so abundant.