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PSDP Spring/Summer 2010 Participant Reviews

The first group of PSDP graduates!


Here is what the first group of PSDP students had to say about the program:

  • Master student in Biochemistry from Sri Lanka, "I was able to tap into some opportunities, specifically internship program related to my field (food science)."

  • Master student in Engineering from Sri Lanka, "As a student studying oil and gas, NOIA tradeshow gave me overall picture of how industry goes. It was good opportunity to show out thoughts and to identify companies related to oil and gas."

  • Master student in Engineering from Nigeria, "It strengthened my network with professionals and has exposed me to what opportunities look like in NL and Canada. It also provides room for me to experience networking opportunities."

  • Master student in Biochemistry from Nigeria, "The networking luncheon was an interesting one. Well organized and I was able to interact with different kind of people relating to my field of study."

  • Master student in Engineering from Nigeria, "Very very helpful. Got to meet great people who gave very useful advice."

  • Undergrad student in Business from China, "Great! I got lots of knowledge and skills in this program, the teachers are very nice."

  • Master in Computer Engineering, "Very useful and valuable experience to introduce myself to company."

  • PhD student in Engineering from Nigeria, "I was able to network with some employers in Canada."

  • Master student in Biology from China, "The NOIA tradeshow is cool. I appreciate the opportunity to attend Canadian tradeshow."

  • Undergrad student in Behavioral Neuroscience from Kenya, "I enjoyed the show and sessions and was able to mingle"

  • Master student in Chemistry from Nigeria, "It was very nice and rewarding, exposed me a lot to the job environment."