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Fall 2013 reviews

PSDP Fall 2013 Participant Reviews - under construction


Fall 2013 Certificate presentation/closing ceremony

Comments from Fall semester:

Master of Oil & Gas Engineering; China

“It’s good for me to gain the volunteer experience and know how to write resume and cover letter. It’s very good!”

Bachelor of Biochemistry; Nigeria

“Networking was great. Volunteer opportunities were awesome, nice guest speakers”

Master of Management; India

“PSDP was a great experience, made me more confident to easier to talk with professionals”

Master of Gender Studies; Italy

“Wonderful program, I wouldn’t know how to approach employers if I hadn’t be offered the PSDP. I would definitely recommend it to students, and its free for students, such a wonderful/useful opportunity. I knew that MUN was a great university but I knew it for sure know”

Master of Electrical Engineering; Bangladesh

“I think these events are really helpful since these help us to improve our communication skills and let us know where our limitation is”

Bachelor of Science; Singapore

“This is an extremely useful program. I’ve benefitted a lot of social skills. Thank you Ms. Bowering and Ms. Walsh”

BBA; Mexico

“I really enjoy this opportunity, it was a completed experience and the information gave us fundamental”