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PSDP Fall 2011 Participant Reviews


See what the students who completed the PSDP in Fall'11 have to say:

  • Masters student in Biology from Bangladesh: I participated in volunteering in F.M and enjoyed it. It was knowledgeable. I will be interested to go to the F.M again.

  • BBA student from China: improve me communication skills and job searching skills.

  • Bachelor of Engineering (mech) student from China: Outside box challenge-greet chance to involve Canadian culture

  • Undergrad student from China: Distinct experience than normal activities on campus. Great fun.

  • Bachelor of Bus(co-op) student from Indonesia: My experience in PSDP program in general (including Networking and Volunteering) has enabled me to be extensively confident and comfortable in taking part in the Canadian work environment.

  • Masters in Electrical engineering student from China: it's really nice to visit the HR department of MUN. It gives me an idea how this department work and it's really useful.

  • Masters in Engineering student from China: Volunteer experience helps me to meet more people, interact with others. I attended the career fair which helps me to understand the career opportunity in Canada.

  • Masters in Oil and gas from China: That helps me to learn how to communicate with new friends but the event is limited. I suggest it provide various type of volunteer job.

  • PhD in Engineering from Bangladesh: Very efficient to judge oneself...One can feel free to adjust to new culture.

  • Masters in Engineering student from Iran: Networking was great as I attended the career fairs. However, I preferred to attend a volunteer opportunity related to my studies or something in engineering.

  • Masters in Applied science student from Bangladesh: It strengthens my understanding my future activities for job search.

  • Masters in Teaching and Learning studies from Jamaica: It was very informative. It gave me greater insights into the Canadian work culture and etiquette.

  • Masters of Engineering student from Bangladesh: Volunteer opportunities give the idea about local job market environment in detail.

  • Masters student in Statistics from China: great experiences. Learnt so much about networking, skills in Canada and make me comfortable and confident in such event in the future.

  • Masters in Computer Science from China: I had a good experience when I went to the networking event of visiting MUN HR. It would have been better if we could have time to chat with the hr people in a more personal manner.

  • Masters in Engineering student from Iran: That was a good experience, that could be considered even more in next PSDP careers.

  • Masters in Business admin student from Bangladesh: The toast to hire networking event that I attended exceeded my expectation and was a fabulous experience for me. I volunteered at the Saturday farmers market which also went great.

  • Masters in Earth Science student from Bangladesh: PSDP networking event helped me to build by confidence that how I make a network with different individual in a different way.

  • IBBA undergrad student from Mongolia: I learned so much that I was telling about to intl. students I know. Canadians I know wanted to attend but it was for intl students I believe. But it was invaluable education I learned this semester.

  • Oil and gas student in Masters from China: Its really a great program. Everyone could get a lot from this.