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Interview Tips & Information

Interview Tips & Information

In Canada, an interview is a common method that employers, faculty, community orgranizations and industry use to learn more about you. They meet with you and ask you questions to get detailed information about your skills, education and background while deciding if you are the best candiate for the job opening.

If you want to learn more about preparing for an interview please review the Interview tips listed on this page.

Are you curious or worried about the kind of questions someone will ask you in an interview? Please look at these Common Interview Questions and practice your answers. They list a variety of questions/situations an employer may ask you for an on or off campus job.

 This link: Interview Tips for International Students, provides a quick checklist of differences in interview styles & expectations in Canada and abroad.

~If you intend to apply for work back home or elsewhere, investigate appropriate methods of interviewing for each location as there can be a great deal of variation depending on the country and culture.

 Are you wondering what an interview in Canada would entail? Do you have an interview soon and want to practice and get advice? Then you should make an appointment for a "Mock interview"

~ A mock interview is a pretend interview that include questions and feedback to prepare you when you have a real interview.

Career Development and Experiential Learning (CDEL) accepts appointments and can answer any questions you have about mock interviews: