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Employment Frequently-Asked Questions

 How can I get a Social Insurance Number (SIN)?

You are only eligible to apply for a Social Insurance Number if you have a job. You are required to have a Social Insurance Number in order to get paid for your job. You will need proof of employment to apply. Please refer to for more details.

 I have received a job offer from one of the departments on campus. What documents do I need to apply for my Social Insurance Number?

You will need to prepare the following:

  1. Contract for employment (click here for printable copy)
  1. Passport and VALID Study Permit
  1. Completed SIN Application Form

Once I have all these documents together, where should I go to submit the application?

Go to this webiste: & look at the information under this section: "Where do you drop off your application?"

 Do I have to pay taxes if I work in Canada?

You will have to pay taxes at the same rate as Canadians. The deductions will be automatically done before you receive your salary. However, if you earn less than a stipulated amount in a year, you will typically be able to get your money back when you file your tax return around April.