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Suggested Framework for a Teaching Dossier


The Context

This suggested framework for a teaching dossier has emerged from the ongoing work of the Instructional Development Office and is designed primarily to be of assistance to current or potential faculty members at Memorial University who are applying for hiring, promotion and tenure, or teaching awards.


The structure and categories selected for this document are derived from the guidelines for the Society of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education's (STLHE) national competition for the 3M Teaching Fellowships, from literature reviews, and from the dossier guidelines offered at other universities. They are applied in the President's Award for Distinguished Teaching at


Memorial University. The descriptors are also compliant with the most recent CAUT teaching dossier guidelines (December, 2006) which recommends the development and submission of "pervasive evidence" for promotion and tenure review processes as well as for decision appeals.


The numbers in brackets in the text below indicate the corresponding item numbers as listed in the CAUT guidelines. A link to the CAUT document can be found on the MUNFA homepage, . Supplementary dossier development resources can also be found on the IDO webpage,


Important points to consider in using this document:

  • This is a suggested organizational and content framework and is not a mandatory requirement of any faculty or school at Memorial.

  • Every teaching dossier is unique. The design, structure and content of the dossier very much reflects the talents, interests, and perspectives of the individual as well as his/her purposes for developing it.

  • The framework seeks to represent nearly all of the items that might be included in a teaching dossier. No single individual will have content for all of the categories. The document seeks only to identify for faculty a full array of items that could be included. For example, the Leadership in Teaching section might be inappropriate for those new to the professoriate and elements of it could be subsumed under the Teaching Practice section.

  • In preparing for promotion and tenure, we suggest that individuals consult with their dean, director, or head of department early in the process to seek guidance on the particular expectations of that academic unit.

  • While this framework suggests how Course Evaluation Questionnaire scores and comments may be reported in the dossier, such a report is voluntary, not mandatory. They are not a requirement of the promotion and tenure process at Memorial.

  • Support and advice in the preparation of a dossier are available from department heads, deans, directors, and also from staff in the Instructional Development Office.


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