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Working on or off campus while you are a student can be a very rewarding experience! You can bring your diverse background, skills & languages to an employer and meet new people while gaining valuable work experience. If you have questions that are not answered online, set up an appointment with the International Student Career Advisor

Professional Skills Development Program (PSDP) for International Students

Check back in April to register for the Spring 2015 program.

Resume, Curriculum Vitaes (CV) and Cover Letters: primary tools in job search.

Interview Tips & Information: information on how to prepare and sell yourself in an interview.

On Campus Jobs : provides valuable work experience on campus.

Off Campus Jobs: provides valuable work experience in the community.

Employment Information for Spouses: helps your family with his/her career while you are studying at MUN.

Social Insurance Number (SIN): information about how to get your Social Insurance Number (SIN).

Income Tax & Deductions: information about what to do with the Income Tax.

FAQs: answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Job Openings Book an Appointment

Good luck in your job search!