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The Ferris Hodgett Library, Grenfell College

The mandate of the IAP Office is to:

develop and implement
guidelines, policies, and procedures to establish best practices and ensure compliance with the ATIPP Act and other legislation pertinent to access and privacy

conduct privacy impact assessments
(short and full)

receive and respond to
ATIPP requests

provide education and training
for members of the university community

internally on access and privacy guidelines, policies, best practices, and other access and privacy matters of interest to members of Memorial’s community

monitor and report
on administration of the ATIPP Act and access and privacy policy

a resource on access and privacy matters

Memorial University is a public body, which is subject to the  Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (ATIPP Act). The ATIPP Act requires public institutions to comply with rules relating to how and how much personal information is collected; how it is secured from unauthorized access, use and disclosure; and the use of people’s personal information.

The ATIPP Act gives people a right of access to records held by public bodies, with only limited exceptions to disclosure. The ATIPPA provides for an independent review office to review access decisions by public institutions. The legislation prescribes the information access and privacy responsibilities of public institutions.