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New website introduces Banner HR
Marcia Porter
Human Resources has launched a new Banner HR website



The Department of Human Resources has launched a new website that introduces Banner HR to the university community.

Banner HR is the information management system that will replace the current mainframe-based system, which is now more than 20 years old.

Beginning in January 2013, all three Banner systems, Finance, Student and HR, will share the same data base of information. So everyone will be working from the same page. The system will help streamline business operations and manage processes on all Memorial campuses.

The Banner HR website gives an overview of the project, provides updates, highlights benefits of the new system and will be updated regularly to include how-to videos and information on training sessions.

As it is phased in over the next couple of years, the system will benefit the university community including managers, administrators, student employees and faculty and staff. Banner HR will provide, for example, access to consistent and timely data for improved decision making across campuses, offer a formal system for tracking academic information such as promotions and tenure, and allow time and leave information to be submitted online.

Faculty and staff will also notice an enhanced employee self-service features that will allow, for example, personal data to be updated, and leave information to be checked.

"This new system will give us a solid foundation to support the changes to HR services and processes that stem from our operational review,” said Stephen Dodge, director of Human Resources. “We are moving to a more service-oriented system and Banner HR will certainly help us to get there.”

Another plus for the new system is that Banner HR will complement the Banner student and finance systems that are already well-established and well-supported here on campus.

To learn more about Banner HR, you can visit the website at .






Jul 12th, 2012

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