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There's something about Sharon
Marcia Porter
Sharon Vere-Holloway

There’s something about Sharon….something that you might not be able to put your finger on right away.  You might call it quiet confidence, or a sense of being grounded, and you might wonder about the source.

 You probably wouldn’t guess that this even-tempered senior accounts clerk in the Department of Facilities Management holds a black belt, second degree, in taekwon-do.

 Taekwon-do is a Korean martial art described as the art of kicking and punching.

 You might possess a certain….something…. too if you could break boards with your hands and feet, and perform flying sidekicks.

 In fact Sharon is full of surprising moves.

 When not practicing taekwon-do, she could very well be at home, creating gourmet cakes and cupcakes for weddings and parties. (Sharon’s dad was a professional baker, so she grew up learning how to work with fondant and wield cake decorating tools.)

Just a few years ago, after her son married and settled down, Sharon decided it was time to do something about the state of her health and the quality of her life.

 She signed up for aerobics at the YMCA in St. John’s, not knowing that she’d actually enrolled in Downey’s Taekwon-do.

 “I loved it, the work-out was fantastic,” says Sharon, who was hooked by the time she realized she was in the wrong class.  “I remember wondering if I would ever make it to my black belt.”

 She’s now putting in lots of hours preparing to test for her black belt, 3rd degree.

 Through taekwon-do, Sharon has not only gained physical fitness and better health; she’s gained self-confidence and the chutzpa to take on new challenges.

 And you can bet she’ll add her stint as Olympic torch bearer for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics to her list of proud moments!

 Next up – running the Tely 10 road race – again!


Apr 12th, 2012

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