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Register for Team Memorial in this year's Tely 10 mile road race
Shannon O'Dea Dawson

Join the Memorial community in Team Memorial on Sunday, July 28 at 8 a.m. for the 86th Tely 10 Mile Road Race. All employees, retirees, spouses, dependents and friends of the university are invited to run for your life and exercise your brain this year! You are welcome to participate by running or walking; just getting out there is the main thing!

Join experienced runners and first-time participants and find your place among the hundreds of racers and the many more who line the route to cheer you on!

To order your shirt and get some training support and encouragement, register for Team Memorial today at

To register for the Tely 10 Mile Road Race, go to Early-bird pricing is June 30, 2013.

Please direct any questions or suggestions to Laura Chapman with Human Resources at or 709-864-2194.

Good luck! Go Team Memorial!


Jun 13th, 2013

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