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Supervisory Skills Development Program


Congratulations to the Supervisory Skills Development Program class of 2011-2012!

The Department of Human Resources is pleased to offer the continuation of the Supervisory Skills Development Program (St. John's campus). Since the pilot in 2005, more than 200 people have successfully completed this certificate program and the demand for participation continues to be strong.

Included in this year's program are 12 distinct components, with seminars relating to Communications, Diversity, Managing Competing Priorities and more. See related content for schedule and program information.

The target group for this program is professional and managerial staff who provides leadership and supervision to others. Eligible participants are those who occupy such positions on a permanent, full-time basis and who are funded through operating budgets. Space is limited to 20 seats.

All nominations must be received on or before Wednesday August 8, 2012 to: Organization Development, A4030, Arts and Administration Building

Supervisory Skills Development Program will be offered on Grenfell campus this year. Nomination form is now posted. For more information on the Grenfell offering, please contact Marilyn Forward at 709-637-6207 or by email at

Should you have any questions or comments, please contact Heather Stamp-Nunes at 864-8364 or by e-mail at