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How to select a Coach

Memorial’s coach has received certification as an Executive Coach, but because this relationship is confidential and personal, the match must work for you.

Below are some ideas of how to prepare you for selecting a coach:

  • Visit our Executive Coach section to view biographies.
  • You should interview your coach. Often, personal contact gives you a better sense of the coach than reading their bio.
  • Call the coach to arrange an interview. The interview allows you and the coach to determine the fit and may take about one hour.

When preparing to interview your prospective coach, it would be helpful to think and prepare the following:

  • Identify clear goals that you want to discuss with your coach and how you want to achieve these goals through coaching.
  • Think about what you expect from your coach and a coaching relationship?
  • If you have had previous coaching experience, think about what worked best for you or how you would like to see this experience differ.
  • Are you seriously committed to experiencing coaching or are you seeking a higher level or commitment through coaching?
  • How would you like your coaching relationship to work? What can a coach do for you? For instance, how much structure do you need? How do you know if you are progressing?
  • Decide what method of communication you prefer for your coaching relationship. Telephone versus face to face communication. Coaches are willing to work in a variety of different ways to best suit your work and preferences.

A guide to confirming your choice of Coach:

  • You feel comfortable with your coach
  • The conversation flows well and you don’t struggle with speaking your mind
  • You feel heard and understood by your coach
  • You understand the coach's points
  • You feel energized after meeting your coach
  • You are looking forward to the next session!


Appointments will be set up by mutual agreement for time, repetition, and duration, and can be made by contacting the coaches directly. Please note that coaches can only accept clients on a first come first serve basis as their schedule permits.

What to expect from your coach

  • A coaching agreement shared with the client
  • Developing a trusting relationship with the client
  • Being fully present, attentive, and spontaneous
  • Expressing active listening
  • Asking powerful questions
  • Using direct communication
  • Creating and raising personal awareness
  • Designing and creating action plans and action behaviours
  • Developing plans and establishing goals with the client
  • Managing the progress of the client and holding them accountable for their actions