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NBU appeals process



An employee may appeal the decision, on an employee initiated job evaluation review, to the Job Evaluation Appeal Committee.

An employee requesting appeal must complete the Request for Appeal of Job Evaluation Review Results form. The form should be sent to the Job Evaluation Appeal Committee within 10 days after receipt of the written notification of the review results from the Department Human Resources.

The Request for Appeal of Job Evaluation Review Results form will indicate which factor(s), under the Aiken Plan, an employee is appealing, the rating requested and the reason for the rating requested. An employee will have access to the Aiken Plan to assist in his/her submission. Copies of the Aiken Plan are available from the Department of Human Resources.

An appeal shall not be submitted to, or considered by, the Committee:

(i) Unless procedures governing a request for review, as set forth in Section I (a) have been followed.

(ii) On any criteria which differs from the original review conducted by the Department of Human Resources.

The Job Evaluation Appeal Committee will consist of three (3) members, including the Chair. The Chair receives and coordinates the hearing of appeals consistent with these procedures.

The Committee shall meet on appeals and meet with the appellant, Department Head and a representative from the Department of Human Resources in conducting the appeal. The appellant may be accompanied by another person of the appellant's choice from within the University, who may address the Committee on the appellant's behalf.

The employing Department concerned shall allow time off from regular duties to any employee who is required to meet with the Committee, or the person accompanying the appellant. In respect of such absence, the employee shall be regarded as being on authorized absence with pay.

The Committee members will be appointed by the Employer and the Union and must be experienced in the application of the Aiken Plan within Memorial University of Newfoundland. Training in the application of the Aiken Plan will be provided to all committee members, as required.

The members of the Committee will be independent from the original job evaluation decision which resulted in the appeal. The decision of the Appeal Committee is final.

The Committee members, including the Chair, will be appointed for a one (1) year period, renewable.

The consensus of the Committee shall prevail subject only to the provisions of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Act.

The Committee shall render a decision on appeals within 60 days of receipt, and that decision shall be conveyed, in writing, over the signature of the Chair to the appellant. The notification form will include the ratings on the factors appealed by the employee, the point total and the Band Level assigned. The form will be copied to the Department Head and to the Department of Human Resources, for appropriate action.

Changes in the Band Level will be processed in accordance with Section VI.


Management initiated reviews are not appealable.


Ratings for initial job evaluation reviews are not appealable.