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MUN Employee Lunch-Time Sports

What is MELTS?

MELTS is simply a group of like-minded MUN employees (co-ed) getting together to play a fun-focused, pick-up style game of sports in the middle of our work day at lunch-time (hence the name). The games are designed with fun, fitness and participation as the main goals, not competition.

We play by simplified rules ... and sometimes we even keep score. We just want employees/retirees to come out, get moving, get a break from the everyday work stresses, meet new people from other departments/faculties, and just plain have fun. Why not get a few of your coworkers together and join us.

Why: It helps break the monotony of your job, helps us all de-stress a little, takes our mind off the office for a while, helps us stay fit and healthy and most of all, lets us have some good, clean fun!

Who: Open to all faculty, staff and pensioners...all are welcome.

When: Throughout the year (fall, winter, and spring) we play three sports: basketball, soccer and volleyball. During the summer months while the weather is nice, we switch to outdoor soccer only (2 days per week, Tuesdays and thursdays at 12:00-1:00 p.m.), as our main activity. There is core basketball group who play basketball throughout the summer months, providing they have enough players each week.

If you are interested in participating, please contact WorkLife Program Coordinator at 864-7405 or for more information.

NOTE: all new participants need to complete a PAR-Q form and mail it to:

  • Worklife Programs Coordinator, Department of Human Resources, A-4025, Arts and Admin. Bldg.

Location: All indoor activities take place in the MUN PE building gym, or the Field House Courts. Outdoor games take place on the field outside the PE building. Participants can use "day use" lockers in the PE building or the Field House. Remember to bring your own lock and shower gear.

Cost: There is no cost for MELTS per se, but because we are using The Works indoor and outdoor facilities you need to either:

  • have a "courts" membership which includes outside fields; or
  • you can pay a $5.00 drop-in fee at The Works Customer Service Desk each time you play. Visit The Works for more details on membership options or services.