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Equity at Memorial

Memorial is committed to...

  • Maintaining a welcoming and favourable work environment for all individuals
  • Removing workplace barriers that negatively affect individuals or groups
  • Supporting the creation of a diverse workforce
  • Providing community leadership as a progressive and equitable employer

Contact the employment equity office if:

  • You would like to suggest an idea or initiative that will assist us in making Memorial a more inclusive and welcoming place for all
  • You are a senior academic administrator who would like more information about recruiting for diversity and inclusive hiring
  • You have questions about:
    • The confidentiality of self-identification surveys
    • Workshops and information sessions for employees
    • The Joint Equity Committee process

Diversity Education

A diversity education fund has been established to allow for meaningful learning opportunities for University employees. In addition to individual learning initiatives, funding for group learning, such as, the payment of diversity facilitators or trainers is also available. Application packages can be sent to Yvonne Collett, in either electronic or paper format.The new deadline is TBD


Investigate diversity education opportunities