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Employee Self-Service

Employee Self Service Help Centre - 864-2434

Hours of Service: Monday - Friday 8:30 - 5:00 p.m.

The Department of Human Resources has worked closely with the Department of Computing and Communications to provide an on-line employee services facility via the university’s web portal,

This service allows employees to view and/or change various items of personal information directly on-line.

You can access the following information:

  • personal pay information, and historical pay data for 26 pay periods
  • vacation leave balance and utilization of other personal leaves (staff only)
  • update personal address, telephone number, and emergency contact data
  • opt out of receiving a paper copy of your pay stub
  • personal Benefits Statement (most recent calendar year end) and/or personal Pension Statement (most recent calendar year end)
  • Use the Pension Caculator to get an estimate of your projected retirement income
  • Direct access to Sheppell.fgi counselling services web site
  • Direct access to the University’s internal job postings
  • Direct access to commonly used Human Resources forms

The Department is continually pursuing other services to be provided in If you have any suggestions in this regard, please let us know. There is a feedback link on the Employee Services tab or you can call our Help Line at 864-2434.