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Employment Equity Committee

The Employment Equity Committee is comprised of representatives from all employee groups, including all employee bargaining agents, non-bargaining unit faculty and staff, and the administration. All employment equity target groups should be represented on the committee. The committee's mandate includes the following:

  • articulating the concerns of the workforce and in particular the needs and suggestions of the designated groups
  • monitoring and advising on the university's employment equity policy and equity program initiatives
  • reviewing equity plans submitted by units and recommending approval to the President
  • reviewing the university wide employment equity plan and recommending approval to the President
  • reviewing the university's employment systems review outcomes and providing advice on corrective measures 

 Employment Equity Committee Members 

Kent Decker Robert Barker
Natalie Beausoleil Yvonne Collett
Morgan Cooper Bernadette Power
Vimala Raheja Patti Thistle
Amy Wyse Kimberly Robertson
Stephen Dodge Camilla Stoodley