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Environmental Health and Safety is responsible for:

  • Health, safety, and environmental program development, measurement and management
  • Training, promotion, inspections and consultation. Liaison with community resources.
  • Accident/Incident statistical measurement; investigation of high risk incidents and serious accidents
  • Administration of the University's radiation control program including licensing, purchasing, inspection and monitoring functions.
  • Administration of the University's biohazard control program including certification, inspection and monitoring functions.
  • Administration of the WHMIS/disposal services.
  • Hazardous material control.


Active Intruder Training Sessions

Memorial University’s Office of the Chief Risk Officer held a number of general information sessions in the Fall to remind the university community about the active intruder protocol. These presentations included an overview of Memorial’s Active Intruder Training video, as well as a question and answer period. 

If you wish to hold an Active Intrudersession in your department or faculty, please email

For additional information on the active intruder protocol, and other emergency procedures, visit