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Environmental Health and Safety is responsible for:

  • Health, safety, and environmental program development, measurement and management
  • Training, promotion, inspections and consultation. Liaison with community resources.
  • Accident/Incident statistical measurement; investigation of high risk incidents and serious accidents
  • Administration of the University's radiation control program including licensing, purchasing, inspection and monitoring functions.
  • Administration of the University's biohazard control program including certification, inspection and monitoring functions.
  • Administration of the WHMIS/disposal services.
  • Hazardous material control.


Memorial University water quality update 

As of Aug. 4, potable water tests have been completed on 38 of 55 buildings at Memorial’s main St. John’s campus, and results for consumption points inside these buildings are within the Canadian drinking water guidelines.
Results received today have cleared the Education building, and Gilbert and Guy Courts at Burton’s Pond.

Read more and find the link to our water sample chart here.