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Memorial University strives to develop a health and safety culture with special emphasis on the prevention of injuries and illnesses. Health and safety is a shared responsibility. Everyone is personally and directly responsible for health and safety as an intrinsic part of their job. EHS provides oversight and guidance on health and safety compliance.


Automated external defibrillator program

Memorial University has a new automated external defibrillator (AED) installed in every building on campus.



Memorial University Drinking Water Quality Guide

Memorial University is committed to ensuring that every person on campus has access to safe drinking water. In 2016, the University initiated a sampling and testing program to test drinking water quality.
University Health and Safety committee (UHSC) established a Drinking Water sub-committee to systematically assess the key parameters of drinking water quality in all buildings at Memorial and ensure that the intake of drinking water falls within the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality, published by Health Canada.
Memorial Drinking Water sub-committee developed a Terms of Reference and Drinking Water Quality guide that have been approved by the UHSC.




Report an Incident

How to report a hazard or incident

Did you see a hazard around campus? Was there an incident that needs attention so it doesn't happen to someone else? Find out how to report it with eAlert.

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‘What matters to people’

Social sciences fundamental to Ocean Frontier Institute success

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Dr. Christopher Smith, School of Social Work

Pushing the point

Interdisciplinary peer training and overdose prevention

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Stigma is not a disease

Graduate student hopes to challenge and change perceptions

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