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Memorial University strives to develop a health and safety culture with special emphasis on the prevention of injuries and illnesses. Health and safety is a shared responsibility. Everyone is personally and directly responsible for health and safety as an intrinsic part of their job. EHS provides oversight and guidance on health and safety compliance.


Memorial University water quality update

Health and safety officials at Memorial University are lifting the drinking water restrictions that were implemented on the St. John’s campus this summer.
Restrictions have now been lifted on Biotechnology, the Queen Elizabeth ll Library, Computing Services and Chemistry-Physics.

For more information and too view our latest water sample chart, visit www.mun.ca/health_safety/Waterqualityupdate.php.


Report an Incident

What is an incident?

An incident is an unexpected occurance that has, or could have had, an adverse impact on people. This includes incidents resulting in injury, illness, equipment failure, or near misses when there is potential for an injury.

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