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Mark Shrimpton

Mark Shrimpton (MA)

Senior Associate, Socio-Economic Services, Stantec Consulting

Mark has nearly 30 years experience assessing, planning and managing the socio-economic impacts of large infrastructure and resource development projects.
He is responsible for socio-economic services within Stantec, an Edmonton, Alberta, based engineering and environmental consulting company employing approximately 10,000 people in Canada, the United States and internationally.

Drawing on his training as a geographer, Mark has played a lead role in preparing infrastructure and labour studies, socio-economic impact assessments, and industrial benefits plans for major projects in the hydro-electric (e.g. Lower Churchill and Karahnjukar, [Iceland]), petroleum (e.g. Terra Nova, White Rose, Hebron, Grassy Point LNG, Eider Rock [NB], Kitimat LNG [BC] and Ajurak and Amauligak [NWT]), pipeline (e.g. Gateway [Alberta/BC]), refining (e.g. Long Harbour and Reydarfjordur [Iceland]) and mining (e.g. Voisey's Bay) industries.
He has also undertaken policy studies of the socio-economic effects of resource development activity, including for the UN International Labour Office, the Australian Mines and Metals Association, and the Minerals Management Service, US Department of the Interior.

Mark has worked across Canada and in the US, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, the Falkland Islands and Australia.
He has published and presented widely on his research, including presentations at conferences in Canada, the US, the UK, France, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Lithuania, Russia, Malaysia and Australia.
He has taught senior Memorial University undergraduate courses in Geography, Sociology, Anthropology and Engineering. He also developed and delivered the socio-economic component of the Masters of Oil and Gas Studies program on both the St. John's and Harlow campuses, presented short courses for the Gardiner Institute, Faculty of Business Administration, and worked with the Harris Centre on a range of projects.