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Geographer wins Arctic Science and Leadership Medal

Dr. Don Forbes, award recipient.

Dr. Donald Forbes, Adjunct professor in Geography at Memorial University, is the recipient of the 2014 Martin Bergmann Medal. Established by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS) in 2012, the medal recognizes achievement for “excellence in Arctic leadership and science”. In announcing the award, the RCGS specifically highlighted Don’s lifetime work in Arctic geography and his mentorship and leadership in community adaptation to climate change in coastal Arctic communities. 

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The CARRA Project Team is Busy Reporting on Progress

CARRA logo

The Coastal Archaeological Resources Risk Assessment (CARRA) project team reports on project progress and summer fieldwork activities at MANL's annual meeting, the Geomatics Atlantic 2014 confrerence, and at the Rooms.

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Pesca-kucha: Fisheries Presentations in a Whole New Format at 2WSFC

Pesca-kucha Presenters

The art of conciseness and creativity in a fisheries presentation: it is pesca-kucha. This is a new and energizing way to present data. The worldwide premier pesca-kucha session took place during the 2WSFC.

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Our Graduates

Graduate spotlight on: Nicole Renaud

Nicole Renaud

Nicole Renaud received her MA in Geography from Memorial in May 2012. She is now a doctoral student at the University of Western Ontario, where she is conducting a comparative case study involving small-holder farmers in northern and central Malawi. 

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