Student Assistants

Winter is here in full swing, outdoor fun is everywhere you look! It’s so nice to see the Bannerman Loop open again this year at Bannerman Park for skaters; and if you’re in the West End of the city take a trip to Bowring Park, it’s always so nice to see people sliding down the hills. Right on our doorsteps is Pippy Park, the perfect spot for sliding down the hills. Don’t forget to get in some cross-country skiing there as well; Pippy Park has two trails available. It’s the perfect winter for all of our wintertime fun here in St. John’s!

We’d like to welcome all of our student assistants to the Winter 2017 semester; some have worked with us before and others are new to the Archive. Without the continued funding we receive each semester from certain federal and provincial programs, MUNFLA would not be able to hire these students to help us; for this greatly appreciated support, we say a special thank you.

Our Winter 2017 student assistants are: Xingpei Li, Cassandra Colman, Grace Dow, Qian Huang, Jill Jablonski, Gerard Mulcahy, Tanyan Ye (graduate students), Donna Norvey (MUCEP - Memorial Undergraduate Career Experience Program), Melissa Strong and Glenn Patterson (volunteers). Thank you all for your help this semester; we really do appreciate it!

Rosemary O’Keefe

Publications Assistant


Winter 2017 students: (from left to right)  Top Row: Gerard Mulcahy, Donna Norvey, and Grace Dow.    Middle Row: Melissa Strong, Tanyan Ye, and Cassandra Colman.  Bottom Row: Jill Jablonski, Qian Huang, and Xingpei Li.  Missing: Glenn Patterson.