Student Assistants

It’s hard to believe that summer is over and our Fall 2016 semester has begun. I once saw a quote that made me feel more accepting of our fall season. “A fallen leaf is nothing more than a summer's wave goodbye” ~Unknown~

For our Fall 2016 semester, we’d like to welcome back some familiar faces and welcome all of our new students. As well, we are absolutely delighted to welcome back our dedicated volunteer, Melissa Strong. We’d also like to say a very special thank-you to our delightful Student Assistants who will be helping us this semester.

Our Student Assistants are: Megan Bateman, Sholpan Duisengaliyeva, Jeremy Moyle, Robin Temple, Donna Norvey, and Xuan Wang. Our volunteer is: Melissa Strong.  Again, thank you ladies and gentlemen for everything you have done to help us last semester at MUNFLA, as well as this semester; we really do appreciate it!

Rosemary O’Keefe

Publications Assistant


Fall 2016 students: (from left to right) Top Row: Megan Bateman, Robin Temple, and Donna Norvey. Middle Row: Sholpan Duisengaliyeva. Bottom Row: Jeremy Moyle, Melissa Strong, and Xuan Wang.