Student Assistants

Spring is here and it’s time to get your plans ready for some fun activities! We have a lot of beautiful walking trails in and around the city, one right on our doorsteps, Pippy Park. Pippy Park has beautiful scenic trails which offer a diversity of landscape. The trails weave through forests and barrens, beside wetlands and rivers, up hills and across parklands, it’s so much fun to hike and walk there on a sunny or even cloudy day.

For our Spring 2017 semester, we’d like to welcome back some familiar faces and welcome all of our new students. I’d like to say a very special thank-you to our delightful Student Assistants who will be helping us this semester. MUNFLA would also like to say a special thank–you to particular federal and provincial programs, without their continued funding each semester we would not be able to hire as many students. Our Student Assistants are: Ayda Dalvand, Kyle Wiseman, MUCEP, (Memorial Undergraduate Career Experience Program), and Glenn Patterson (Volunteer) Again, thank you ladies and gentlemen for everything you have done to help us last semester at MUNFLA, as well as this semester; we really do appreciate it!

Rosemary O’Keefe

Publications Assistant


Spring 2017 students: (from left to right) Kyle Wiseman, Ayda Dalvand, (MUCEP) and Glenn Patterson (Volunteer) (Photo not available).