Student Assistants

Spring semester is generally a quiet time in terms of student assistants working in the Archive. This semester MUNFLA is especially lucky to have not one or two, but THREE volunteers: Jennifer Lyver, Donna Norvey, and Melissa Strong.

Jennifer has worked with us previously as a MUCEP student; Donna has volunteered in previous semesters as well, and Melissa first came to us in early May as an intern from the CNA Records and Information Management program. Melissa has enjoyed her intership so much, she's opting to stay on as a volunteer. We are delighted that you all have chosen to give so willingly of your time to help us here in the Archive!

Also joining MUNFLA this semester for the very first time is our newest MUCEP student, Keirsten Maloney. Welcome to Folklore and MUNFLA, Keirsten; we hope you enjoy your assistantship with us!

Pauline Cox


Spring 2016 students: (from left to right) Top Row:  Jennifer Lyver. Middle Row: Melissa Strong.  Bottom Row:  Donna Norvey.