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Memorial's English Department has deep research roots in Canadian Studies. Strengths in poetry, drama, fiction and non-fiction from across Canada and across centuries create this active cluster. Also important and rich is the interdisciplinary work of many scholars that includes the study of visuals, letters, and other documents in Canadian Literature; the intersection of oral and written history; and comparative work focused on the intersection of film and literature and likewise theatre and the written word.

Members of our Department are engaged in all branches of this important national research. Recognized in the University Strategic Research Plan that highlights the well-being of Newfoundland and Labrador, research in Newfoundland and Labrador literary culture is one vital aspect of this cluster. Researchers in the English Department also engage in topics and issues related to Aboriginal Peoples, Arctic and Northern Regions and Creative Arts, and Culture and Heritage, other themes highlighted in the University Strategic Research Plan.

Complementing the broad research base is a wide-ranging undergraduate curriculum. From the second year with courses in literature and one in Aboriginal literature through to the fourth year where four courses are strengthened by any number of frequently offered special topics courses, this cluster is a significant component of teaching in the English Department . It also plays a major role in Canadian Studies, a multi-disciplinary Major Arts program. At the graduate level, our offerings are considerable. Recent courses include Canadian Drama: Looking Back, Contemporary Newfoundland Fiction, Colonial Fantasies and Canadian Literary Theory.

Faculty Working in this Area

Caitlin Charman

Brad Clissold

Joel Deshaye

Rob Finley

Noreen Golfman

Valerie Legge

Denyse Lynde

Larry Mathews

Lisa  Moore

Rob Ormsby

Nancy Pedri

Fiona Polack

Jamie Skidmore