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Retired faculty


The following are retired members of faculty who are either emeritus or who are maintaining an active link through teaching or research with the department.

Algoo-Baksh, Stella BA, MA, PhD (Memorial). Professor.
Post-Colonial literature, Canadian literature.

Artiss, Phyllis Dip. Ed. (Acadia), MA (Edinburgh), PhD (Texas). Honorary Research Professor (co-investigator SSHRC).

Balisch, L. Faith BA (King's), BEd (Dalhousie), MA, PhD (Memorial). Associate Professor. 19th Century Canadian Literature, Modern Canadian Fiction, Canadian Humour.


Buchanan, Roberta BA (Keele), PhD (Birmingham). Emeritus.

Office: AA 2049
Telephone: 864-8283

Byrne, P.A., B.A. Iona, M.A., Ph.D. Memorial, Cross appointment, Department of Folklore; Director, Institute of Social and Economic Research.

Casey, George
BA, BA(Ed), MA (Memorial), PhD (Sheffield). Associate Professor.
Literature and Folklore of Ireland and Newfoundland.

Gardner, Averil
BA. (Hons.) Grad. Cert. Ed. (London), MA (Memorial).

Gardner, Philip MA (Cantab), PhD (Liverpool), FRSL. Honorary Research Professor (SSHRC).

Hollett, R. BA, MPhil (Memorial). Associate Professor.
Jones, Gordon P. BA (Leeds), MA (McMaster), PhD (London). Professor. Emeritus.
King, E. H. MA, Dip. Ed. (Memorial), PhD (London).
Kirwin, William BA (Bowdoin), MA, PhD (Chicago). Emeritus.
Dictionary of Newfoundland English.

Kromm, Sandra MA (Memorial), PhD (London). Associate Professor.
Modern British Novel: Joyce Cary, Lawrence Durrell, John Fowles.

Miller, Elizabeth BA, MA, PhD (Memorial)
Web site: Dracula Home Page
O'Dea, Shane. ONL, BA, MA (Memorial), Winner of the President's Award for Distinguished Teaching, 1988-1989; Public Orator. Emeritus.
O'Dwyer, Bernard BA (St Mary's), MA (Memorial), PGDip (ISS, The Hague), PhD (Edinburgh). Professor.
Modern English Grammar, History of the English Language, English Phonology and Morphology, Literature and Medical Humanities, Sylistics.
O'Flaherty, Patrick MA (Memorial), PhD (London). Emeritus.
Peters, Helen MA (Memorial), DPhil (Oxon.). Professor.
Seventeenth-century British literature, Newfoundland theatre.
Pitt, David BA (Mt. Allison), MA, PhD (Toronto), LLD (Mt. Allison). Emeritus.

Rompkey, Ronald, O.C., C.D., MA, BEd (Memorial), PhD (London), F.R.S.C., F.R.Hist.S. University Research Professor. Emeritus.

Eighteenth-Century Satire, Fiction and Drama, Theory and Practice of Biography and Autobiography, Labrador (especially Sir Wilfred Grenfell), the French in Newfoundland.
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Shorrocks, Graham BA (Hons), PGCE (Birmingham), MA, PhD (Sheffield). Professor.

President of the English National Committee of the European Linguistics Atlas.

Dialectology, English Language, Linguistics, Folklore and Popular Culture, Literary Dialect, Dialect Literature. Editor: Regional Language Studies.
Office: AA3031 Telephone: 864-8983 Email: Web page: Personal Web Page