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Economics Co-operative Education Application

Please return completed form to:
The Department of Economics
Room A3077, Arts and Administration Building
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NL
A1C 5S7
or fax (709) 864-2094

Any questions, please contact (709) 864-8248 or email

Please attach this
completed form to your cover letter, along with your resume.


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Program of Study:
Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts - circle one
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Have you completed all prerequisite courses?
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If yes, what is your overall average grade for the required prerequisite courses (normally a minimum of 65% is required)?

If no,

When will all the courses be completed?

List the prerequisite courses you are currently enrolled in: ___________________________________________________________________________________________


List the prerequisite courses you plan to enroll in next semester: ___________________________________________________________________________________________


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Transcript attached: ______ Completed Application: ______

Cover Letter: ______ Resume: _______

Department Head’s Signature (if approved) ______________________________

Date: ___________________

Undergraduate Studies Coordinator (Co-op) ______________________________

Date: ___________________

Was a copy sent to Registrar’s Office,

Co-op Office in UC, Economics Filing? ____________________________