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Economics is a versatile field. At Memorial, we offer applied economics courses in a wide variety of areas, including fishery, petroleum and mining, forestry, environmental, development, international, monetary, public sector, welfare, labor and health economics.

Our 12 full-time faculty members are dedicated teachers and active researchers in these fields, and have a special focus on the local economy.

We offer a variety of programs to meet the specific interests of our diverse students.

The Help Centre

To assist students taking introductory courses, the Department operates a Help Centre which is located in Room AA-3077. Help Centre hours for the current Semester can be found posted on the bulletin board outside the General Office of the Department of Economics or posted on the door of the Seminar Room (AA3095). They are also listed in the next section called Help Centre on our web site.

For further information about the Centre, students should contact the Department at 864-8248 or email:

MUN Economics Society

The Economics Department has an active Undergraduate Student Society with an executive in place as of October 2007. To receive more information about the Society or to find out information about upcoming events, please email: