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Locke, L.W., B.Sc., B.A. Memorial, M.A., Ph.D. McMaster
email: Office: A3082, phone: 864-8104             

Research Interests: Newfoundland Economy, Mineral and Petroleum Economics, Innovation and Productivity, Intergovernmental Fiscal Arrangements and Local Government Finance                          

Professor Emeritus

*Schrank, W.E., B.Mech.Eng. Cooper Union, M.Indl.Eng. New York, M.S., Ph.D. Wisconsin;
Research Interests: Fisheries Economics - econometric modeling; fishery policy regimes; fishery subsidies; cost of fisheries management; political economy of the Newfoundland fishery; climate change and fisheries


Feehan, J.P., B.A. Memorial, M.Sc. London, Ph.D. Carleton
email:, office: A2064, phone: 864-3003
Research Interests:

Martinez-Espineira, R.,Licenciatura, Santiago de Compostela; M.Sc., D.Phil. York (England)
email:, office: A3087, phone: 864-3676
Research Interests:

May, J.D., B.Comm. Queen's, D.Phil. York (England)
email:, office: A3085, phone: 864-8274
Research Interests: Labour and Demographic Analysis, Applied Production Economics, Health Economics

*Roy, N., B.A. McGill, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins; Professor;
email:, office: A3083, phone: 864-8245

Wernerheim, C.M.
, B.A. Simon Fraser, Ph.D. Uppsala (Sweden)
email:, office: A3093, phone: 864-8581
Research Interests: Natural Resource and Environmental Economics, Industrial Economics

Associate Professors

Chu, K.H., B.Soc.Sc. Hong Kong, M.Phil. Chinese University of Hong Kong, Ph.D. Toronto
email:, office: A3089, phone: 864-8102
Research Interests: Money and Banking in Canada and Hong Kong; Free Banking, Banking Regulation, Banking Stability and Deposit Insurance

Lynch, S. J., B.A. Wilfrid Laurier, M.A. McMaster                          , office: A3084, phone: 864-8294                  Research Interests:

Lyssenko, N., Univ. Dip. in Econ (MA equiv.) St. Petersburg State (Russia), Ph.D. Carleton
email:, office: A3096, phone: 864-2149
Research Interests: environmental economics, valuation of environmental and natural resources, economics of climate change

Riser, G.E., B.S. Utah
email:, office: A3094, phone: 864-4015

**Waples, M.J., B.Ec.(Honors) Sydney, M.A. Waterloo, Ph.D. McMaster
email:, office: A3091, phone: 864-2465


**On Sabbatical



8 Month Term Lecturer -  2013/2014

Coffin, Alison: office A3086, Phone 864-8103;                                    email:                                           


Per Course Instructors - Fall 2013

Aucoin, Joelle: office A3086, Phone 864-8248;

Doyle, Mike: office A3086, Phone 864-8248; 

Long, Blair: office A3086, Phone 864-8248;

Murrin, Ann: office A3086, Phone 864-8248; email:      

Wiseman, W; office A3086, Phone 864-8248; 

Phelan, Fred; office A3086, Phone 864-8248;




Departmental Office: AA3077, Phone: 864-8248, Fax: 864-2094 email

Cole, Nikki - Administrative Secretary, email:

Philpott, Barbara - Intermediate Clerk Stenographer, email: