Students, staff and faculty honoured at Faculty of Science awards

The annual Faculty of Science Dean’s Awards ceremony was held on Memorial’s St. John’s campus and saw Dr. Mary Courage, dean of the Faculty of Science, recognize 271 students representing the top 10 per cent in the faculty.


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Rare earth element research to aid in northern mining evaluation

Dr. Derek Wilton is collaborating with the Nunatsiavut Government on a project that has significant implications for resource evaluation in the Canadian Arctic and near Arctic.

The remote Strange Lake area in Northern Labrador contains a world-class rare earth element (REE) deposit. REEs are strategic minerals used in a variety of high-tech applications, ranging from computer and smartphone screens to super magnets.

“This deposit was discovered by the Iron Ore Company of Canada in the 1980s and it’s right on the border between Labrador and Quebec,” said Dr. Wilton, a professor in the Department of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Science. “While they worked at it for a few years, they really couldn’t do anything with it because they didn’t know how to separate the elements from the minerals.”

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A summertime sail in search of Nordic black smokers

Memorial’s Dr. John Jamieson spent some of the warm summer months on a cold-water cruise — Arctic cold.

The professor of earth sciences joined a multidisciplinary research team aboard the research vessel R/V G.O. Sars, led by chief scientist Dr. Rolf Pederson, director of the K.G. Jebsen Centre for Deep Sea Research at the University of Bergen, Norway.


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Students working onboard Ramform Tethys

Colin Taylor and Ben Coughlan, both of whom successfully completed their Bachelors in earth  science this year,  accepted a summer internship  position with the Petroleum Board of Canada. They joined the Ramform Tethys  in St. Johns in May 2017 for their first four-week rotation offshore.

The first trip was a general introduction  to the seismic  vessel, including deck operations and exposure to each seismic  department onboard. For the second four-week rotation the two interns spent most of their time in the Operations Geophysics department, learning  about Viper and SPArk, online/offline processing, project management and data  visualization.

Ulrike Ott, Personnel Manager of the Petroleum Board of Canada asked them what they thought of the program and their time offshore.

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