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Technical Reports

Tech Report #
Publication Date
Title Authors
MUN-CS-2011-04 Oct 2011 On Implementation of Read/Write Shared Variables Sibsankar Haldar and K. Vidyasankar
MUN-CS-2011-01 July 2011 Correctness of Concurrent Executions of Closed Nested Transactions in Transactional Memory Systems Sathya Peri and K. Vidyasankar
MUN-CS-2010-01 May 2010 On E-contract Activity Commitments K. Vidyasankar, P. Radha Krishna, Kamalakar Karlapalem
MUN-CS-2009-01 July 2009 Supporting Process Control in Business Collaborations K. Vidyasankar, Samuil Angelov, Jochem Vonk, Paul Grefen
MUN-CS-2008-05 November 2008 The Use of Computational Intelligence in Intrusion Detection Systems: A Review Shelly Xiaonan Wu, Wolfgang Banzhaf
MUN-CS-2008-04 October 2008 Evolvability and Acceleration in Evolutionary Computation Ting Hu, Wolfgang Banzhaf
MUN-CS-2008-03 March 2008 On the Computational Complexity of Analogy Derivation in the Structure-Mapping Framework P. Evans, J. Gedge, M. Muller, I. van Rooij, T. Wareham
MUN-CS-2008-02 January 2008 A Filtering Algorithm for Approximate Pattern Matching with Reduced Verification
C. J. Richter, W. Banzhaf
MUN-CS-2008-01 January 2008
Patchwork Verification in a Filtering Approach to Approximate Pattern Matching C. J. Richter, W. Banzhaf
MUN-CS-2007-03 November 2007
Genetic Programming based DNA Microarray Analysis
for Classification of Cancer
M. Rosskopf, H. A. Schmidt,
U. Feldkamp, W. Banzhaf
MUN-CS-2007-02 September 2007 Approximating Solution Structure M. Hamilton, M. Muller, I. van Rooij, T. Wareham
MUN-CS-2007-01 February 2007
Multi-Level Modeling of Web Service
Compositions with Transactional Properties
K. Vidyasankar, G. Vossen
MUN-CS-2006-01 October 2006
Utility-Preserving k-Anonymity R. Chaytor
MUN-CS-2005-01 December 2005
Variable-Base Tacit Communication: A New Energy Efficient
Communication Scheme for Sensor Networks
Y. P. Chen, D. Wang, J. Zhang